My name is Flo (short for Florent in French), and I live outside. For the last three years, I’ve been on the road across North America with my van, and filmed my adventures mostly on my French YouTube channel and in a book called “My life in a van“.

The more I’ve travelled, the more I’ve realized my life was actually meant to be outside. Redefining work, travel, and life in general, going back to the land, are things that I’ve gone through in the last years, and documented in different ways.

This blog is my journey as a wannabe/beginner farmer, learning how to grow food, establish meaningful relationships with the land and its people. I believe these are things many of us share today.

From WWOOFing to hiking, canoeing, farming, growing, harvesting, making food, cheese, and lots of furry and less furry friends in the process, from the Atlantic coast to the Southwest, the PNW, and the “last best places”… Welcome to my journey. I hope you will join.